Empowering AI innovation

At the heart of our ethos lies the safeguarding of individual privacy. Simultaneously, we recognize the immense potential harboured within customer data for driving AI innovation. The recent changes in Zoom‘s terms of service have triggered a wave of critique and ignited global deliberations among both the general public and privacy advocates. This discourse is merited, as it underscores the critical need for a shared understanding between customers and enterprises regarding data utilisation. The resultant outcry prompted Zoom to revise their terms of service, definitively asserting their commitment to refraining from employing customer data for AI model training.

As ardent proponents of facilitating high-quality data access for AI advancements while honouring privacy regulations, we present our perspective in our latest piece. We invite you to read it, to gain insight into how we harmonise the imperative of customer data availability with the paramount importance of individual privacy.


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