Joining Nvidia Inception program

We are thrilled to announce that Nijta has been chosen to be part of the NVIDIAInception Program! 🎉

Being selected by NVIDIA, a global leader in AI and deep learning, is a significant milestone for us which resonates with our inherent deeptech DNA. We are eager to explore how this program can augment our capabilities to enhance privacy-focused voice analytics at contact centres.

🌐 What is the NVIDIA Inception Program?

It is a program designed to nurture exceptional startups that are revolutionising industries with AI and data science. It provides us with access to exclusive technological resources such as NVIDIA #Riva Speech AI and #Nemo an LLM solution, and a vibrant community of AI innovators and investors.

🙌 What it brings:

✨ Access to NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPU technology, courses and workshops by NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.
✨ Networking opportunities with leading AI researchers and entrepreneurs through Inception events.
✨ Support to accelerate our AI-driven solutions in privacy-focused voice analytics through preferred pricing and cloud credits.
✨ Validation of our commitment to push the boundaries of innovation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey with NVIDIA. Together, we’re shaping the future of contact centres through privacy-focused AI.


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