Choose the right plan to fit your organization's needs.

Our flexible pricing options cater to different business sizes and requirements,
ensuring you have access to the right level of voice anonymization technology at a cost-effective price.

Discover voice privacy ​



compliance by following the principles of data minimisation, since biometric information is removed

Trustworthy AI

Upgradation of AI capabilities

through relaxation of data storage limitation and using this data to improve the performance of AI models

Voice analytics

Sharing with third-party

analytics tool which creates enormous value in terms of business insights

Data collection

Monetization of voice data

since the data is no longer personally identifiable, it can annotated and monetized

Unlock the power of voice data with our anonymization solution.

Nijta significantly outperforms all the other techniques in terms of privacy as well as usability.
The output retains the audio quality, content, emotions and prosody to produce intelligible and natural audio usable for listening, analysis and training AI models.

B2B Pricing

Get the best value for your investment with our transparent and competitive pricing policy
access top-notch voice anonymization technology at a fair price.


599 99
Max 30 Days
Data volume: 100h
Full integration support
Single Language
Non commercial use


<50 Agents
Data volume: 1 000h
Shared access to the API
Pre-built AI models
8h engineering support
Single Language


50 - 500 Agents
Data volume: 10 000h
Priority access to the API
Pre-built AI models
16h engineering support
Multiple Languages
Voice + Content


>500 Agents
Data volume: Unlimited
Fine-tuned AI models
Multiple Languages
Voice + Content

Complementary Services

Enhance your tech solutions with our full-service offers. In addition to providing anonymization solutions, we also offer a range of valuable support services such as ongoing maintenance and technical support, ML training and integration, and regular software updates to ensure your systems are always up-to-date.

Extract business insights from anonymized voice

Add your own language

Dedicated engineering support

Custom AI model fine-tuning & training

Redacts sensitive content

CCaaS integration​

Developer Partnership

Transform your CCaaS platform with seamless voice anonymization by Nijta.​

CCaaS Plug-in

Nijta voice anonymization integrated inside your familiar CCaaS solution.

more info coming soon!


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