Voice Harbor

Whether you opt for an on-premises installation or the ease of our SaaS solution, Voice Harbor empowers you to maintain the utmost privacy for your voice data. Voice Harbor operates as a REST API, providing a streamlined and developer-friendly solution to anonymise speech and recorded calls. With VoiceHarbor, you can securely submit audio recordings and receive back anonymized audio, ensuring that sensitive information remains concealed while retaining the data’s inherent value.

Seamlessly integrate VoiceHarbor into your workflow and unlock a new era of voice privacy and trustworthy AI.

Speaker Anonymization

Say goodbye to potential GDPR violations, deepfakes or re-identification concerns. Our advanced and unique biometric voice anonymization technology ensures that speaker identities are completely stripped away, rendering the recordings irreversibly anonymous. Rest assured, the result can never be re-identified.

Natural Sounding
Preserved Value

Our innovative approach ensures that the resulting anonymized audio maintains its diversity and authenticity. Leveraging an expansive array of virtually millions of non-existing pseudo speakers, VoiceHarbor enriches the anonymized output, preserving the natural variability of human speech. You can choose the gender of the pseudo speaker, or make it sound like a robot !


Your data's worth, uncompromised. Anonymized voice data retains its inherent value, making it a perfect resource for training AI models without exposing sensitive details.

Content Anonymization

Our powerful content anonymization feature allows you to effortlessly detect, tag, and remove not only personally identifying information such as names, locations, card numbers, and phone numbers but also any entity you find relevant to conceal in your specific domain. Your data remains useful while maintaining the highest level of privacy.

Industry standards

VoiceHarbor adheres to industry standards to integrate into existing environments and pipelines. Thanks to its elastic architecture, GPU-powered processing, parallelization, TTL mechanisms, and rate limiters, it ensures efficient and reliable performance. This adaptability makes it a robust and highly customizable SaaS solution tailored to your specific needs.

Supported Formats
Async Batch Processing

Leveraging the power of ffmpeg, we support a large panel of audio formats. We handle mono as well as stereo and send the audio back in the same format that you have sent.


Optimised to process large datasets, VoiceHarbor swiftly manages extensive data loads, guaranteeing rapid and seamless data anonymization.

We provide powerful ASR and NER models but VoiceHarbor is also designed to seamlessly take advantage of your in-house ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) or NER (Named Entity Recognition) systems, giving you full customization control.

Coming soon !

Generative Speech Anonymization

Generative Speech Anonymization

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Breaking language barriers. Available today for English and French, our forthcoming multilingual support feature will ensure that voice data in any language receives the same privacy protection.

Real Time Processing

Real Time Processing

Our upcoming real-time speech anonymization will allow you to anonymize discussions on the fly, providing instant privacy for your dynamic data streams.

CCaaS integration

CCaaS integration

Experience soon privacy and security in your CCaaS platform with our connectors.

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