🏆✨ Nijta glows in the Grand Prix! 🏆✨

“Last year, it had felt surreal to win the Inria Lille Hackatech 2021. I was still a PhD student then, waiting to defend. But we hadn’t expected to win the highest recognition for PhD entrepreneurs in France!” 😇

These are the words of Brij Mohan Lal Srivastava, our CEO, who was awarded Grand Prix at the i-PhD contest. The i-PhD Grand Prix recognizes outstanding startup projects from young researchers, making it a highly coveted and prestigious award for PhD entrepreneurs all across France. 🚀

“An important aspect of this achievement is to be presented under Digital Sovereignty” , says Brij. “We help VoiceTech companies to protect citizens’ privacy, we help them keep pace with GDPR. This goal really boosts us, as a team.” 💪🏻

Team Nijta expresses their heartfelt gratitude to Bpifrance, the French Gouvernement, Célia Martin, Constance de Cambiaire and the jury members who showered us with their trust. We’re looking forward to being part of this amazing network while engaging with the other lauréats and mentors. And finally thanks to Inria and Inria Startup Studio for their continuous support 🙏

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