Use cases

Voice anonymization is ideal for various applications such as customer support, market research,
and legal proceedings, where the confidentiality of the speaker’s identity is crucial. With voice anonymization,
organizations can conduct voice-based transactions with peace of mind, knowing that their customers’ personal information is secure.

Voice Analytics

Contact Centers

Do you struggle with maintaining customer privacy in your contact centre? Voice anonymization is the solution you’ve been looking for!Β Voice anonymization helps you meet privacy regulations and protect your customers’ rights.

Ideal for the customer experience, our solution guarantees secure communication while maintaining the quality of your audio.



Banking telecommunication infrastructure deals with sensitive information. With Nijta, customers’ voices would be automatically anonymized during phone calls, ensuring that their personal information is not compromised.

With our innovative technology, you’ll see a number of benefits for your business, including increased trust from your customers, enhanced security and improved customer experience and compliance.

Voice interfaces

Voice Assistants

Voice anonymization enables voice assistant developers to analyze recorded interactions while protecting the privacy of users. This can help to improve the functionality and accuracy of voice assistants over time.

With our voice anonymization technology, you can now offer your users the peace of mind they deserve. This means that your users can speak freely and confidently without worrying about their personal data being exposed during interactions with voice assistants in household environment.



The use of voice anonymization in the media industry is an important tool that allows journalists and media companies to protect the privacy of individuals while still providing accurate and informative content to the public.

With voice anonymization, journalists can protect the privacy of their sources during interviews, ensuring that their identities and personal information remain confidential.Β 

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