Mentoring 6 talented PhD students from the Pearl program

📢 Last week, our CEO Brij had the privilege to mentor six incredibly talented PhD students from the Lille University of Science and Technology, Pearl program: Markus GrimmSuvajit MukherjeeHaider ALIMaryam Rahmani , Manisha Behera and Andres von Schnehen, who participated in the Innovation Challenge organised by Adoc Talent ManagementAmandine Bugnicourt, PhDElçin İstif İnci, PhDEmeline HATCHI and Laurence Theunis (PhD).

💡 The objective was to get out of their PhD mindset for five days and learn the basics of entrepreneurship, such as marketing, pricing, business model, etc.

After listening to all the pitches, they chose to jump into an intense entrepreneurial adventure with Nijta. They worked with infectious enthusiasm and scientific curiosity to develop a strategy with an objective to raise awareness among the general public about the sensitive nature of voice data. From creating relevant personas to conducting 30+ interviews, they determined people’s current level of awareness. And finally on the fifth day gave a stunning presentation winning “the best oral presentation” award.

During these five days, they showed immense love to Nijta, believed in the larger vision of preserving people’s privacy and became a part of the team. Their recommendations will be incorporated in the current marketing strategy of Nijta to increase the reach of awareness about voice privacy.

👏 We want to congratulate and thank the organisers and attendees of this great event. We would be pleased to participate again if the opportunity arises ! 

Special thanks to the other startups Mathflow AIWeenav and Bioteos, and the jury members.


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