We give voice to your privacy needs

Voice contains biometric characteristics of identity, just like a spoken fingerprint. At Nijta, we build privacy-preserving technology to:

  • Safeguard your voice data through state-of-the-art anonymization
  • Ensure GDPR compliance
  • Enhance customers’ trust in your brand

Protect data in many languages







Our clients

Large-scale voice data collection is needed to optimize production-grade AI models. We provide a GDPR-compliant way to store and process vast quantities of voice data. If you recognize the need for privacy-preserving voice based solutions in your software pipeline, get in touch with us !

Contact centres

Contact centres manage customer relationship for businesses. Voice data collected through agent-customer phone calls can be protected by using our voice anonymization technology.


Voice data is broadcasted by television and radio groups. In sensitive situations, like testimonies, when speaker’s identity must be concealed, our solution provides biometric anonymity.

Voice assistants

Our solution can be embedded inside a mobile device, like a smart speaker, or accessed through our SaaS APIs. Voice assistant users can choose to remove their identity during interaction.

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