New partnership with Genesys 📣


Breaking news! We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Genesys, the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions. This partnership will see Nijta’s advanced AI-based speech anonymization integrated within the Genesys cloud platform, taking data security to a whole new level!

Our speech anonymization technology is set to revolutionize the way sensitive information is protected during customer interactions. Using cutting-edge algorithms, Nijta’s technology masks sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and biometric information, from being accessed by anyone. And now, with the integration of our technology within the Genesys cloud platform, customers across all industries will enjoy an unparalleled level of data security.

This partnership with Genesys marks a major milestone in the field of customer experience and data protection. Through this integration, customers can rest assured that their sensitive data is safe and secure during every interaction. This is particularly important for industries such as healthcare, financial services, and government agencies, where data privacy is paramount.

“We are thrilled to partner with Genesys to bring our voice privacy technology to their cloud platform,” declared our CEO, Brij Srivastava. “Our technology will provide an added layer of protection for customers’ sensitive data during customer interactions, giving them peace of mind that their privacy is being safeguarded.”

The integration of our voice privacy technology within the Genesys cloud platform is set to roll out in the coming months. This is a game-changer for both Nijta and Genesys, as we continue to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on this incredible partnership!


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